Why should you dance

Why should you danceAs you know, I absolutely love dancing. When I tell people I’m into dancing, a lot of the time I get responses like: “Oh, I wish I knew how to dance!” or “I would love to dance, but I have two left feet”. Well, for all you naysayers, here are just some of the reasons why you should dance even if you suck at it!

  • Confidence

Even if you’re not a good dancer, relaxing and letting it out on the dance floor will boost your confidence immensely. You might feel bad or foolish the first few times, but once you let loose, you will start feeling great in your own skin. And that’s the aim!

  • Fun

Do you have a boring job that just involves standing or sitting around all day? Do you work at an office? Or work with machines such as cutters or meat grinders? Or maybe you have a good job but feel that there is something missing? Well, you should try having some fun on the dance floor. It will definitely improve your mood!

  • Exercise

Dancing will get your heart pumping and your muscles working. It is a great exercise, so if you want to get into shape, take out your dancing shoes and hit the town!

  • Stress Release

Before I started dancing, I was under a lot of stress. I felt like my whole life was one of these –http://www.meatgrinderadviser.com/lem-products-1-hp-review/  . But when I started dancing my mood improved and I felt like a part of my burden had lifted. It was a great relief.

  • Empty Your Mind

There is a term in the world of runners known as ‘runner’s high’. It’s when someone runs long-distance, and feels very tired, but if they push on, they get this feeling of being refreshed, and their mind enters a tranquil zone of nothingness. This is what happens to me when I dance. When I start out I usually have a lot on my mind, but at some point it’s as if I let everything go and my mind is black. And I love it!

  • Maybe You’re Actually Good At It

A lot of people think that they are bad dancers, when in truth they are average, or even gifted, but they never use that gift. What if you’re one of these people that would be great dancers if you just tried and stopped being afraid of failing? Dancing is not about winning or losing, succeeding or failing, it’s just something you do. You can’t fail at dancing, so why not let loose and give it a try?

I hope I have made some persuasive arguments which might make some of you reconsider dancing, start doing it, and find your inner dancer. If not, that’s ok too – not all activities are for everyone. But, music and dancing is in the blood of the human race, so you should at least give it a decent try before coming to the conclusion that it’s not your cup of tea.