Why Not Pack For a Dance Excursion?

sandwich-691875_1280If you have been following my website, this post may feel like a recap for some of you. This is deliberate because I’d like to remind you to make time and space for yourself, your family too, and try to be a little more adventurous every once in a while. Taking chances does not need to be hair-raising encounters and no-one needs to get hurt in the process. But if you never dare to try something new, you’ll never know what it feels like to be wholly free, even with your loved ones around you.

The cultural experience

You may have taken advantage of some of my tips on dancing over the last few weeks. Perhaps you have tried some of them out already. But did I mention that dancing, when you really immerse yourself in it, is a cultural experience? Everyone has their preferences and most of their favorite dance moves are influenced by their cultural heritage. The Brazilians have their samba which has evolved all the way back from their African roots. If you notice how rhythmic their dancing styles are, then you’ll see the African resemblance.

Most of us here have our roots in Europe. Take the Germans and Austrians for example. If you’ve been to a church dance, town hall event, even the high school prom, you would have noticed that there is always a bit of a waltz thrown into the dancing mix. And if you’re into the traditional American cowboy thing, make a note next time to see how similar the square dance is to the old European ballroom dance routines of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Enriching, isn’t it?

Try something new

But let’s try something new. Regular readers already know that dancing isn’t my only passion. Those new to my website will learn that I’m also a big fan of the great outdoors and travelling abroad. And if you are one of those who have spent years hesitating to get your visa in order and book a plane ticket, now is the time to stop procrastinating. Take a chance for once. I don’t need to remind you also that the rate of exchange weighs heavily in your favor if you’re living on the North American continent.

You can even go to Cuba. But if you’re one of those who need to be closer to home, there is no reason why you shouldn’t at least plan a week-long camping trip. Do some research on country towns, find out where their popular dance spots are, and get your tent ready for pitching. Camping will never cost you an arm and a leg (unless you are sleeping near a bear’s cave).

Make space for your dancing kit

Kit-wise, there are many cost and space-saving items you can take with you. For example, a compact, smallish vacuum sealer will be handy to keep left-over’s from the previous night’s barbecue a little longer. And don’t forget to make a little extra space for your favorite pair of dancing sneakers.