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Useful holiday travel tips

Although holidays are a time to rejoice, meeting family and friends, from experience I know it does take some prior planning to have everything done smoothly. This is especially true, if you are travelling over holidays. You would have to put up with expensive, stressful, and busy holiday traffic. But planning and shopping carefully can help you clinch great deals and save money and time during the holiday season. Here are some tips for travelling by road and air.

Peak travel time

Travelling before or after a holiday, is always a tough job. For instance, in case of Thanksgiving the day before is to be avoided at all costs. But travelling on the day is affordable and you even get dead cheap air fares. Moreover, if you plan to return on any day except Sunday, the cost would be considerably less.

Similarly if you are planning to drive, make sure you avoid the before and after traffic. If you are travelling with family, ensure you have the necessary gear. A proper car seat avoids many hassles, if you have kids. You can search online for flexible dates to travel, so you get the right date combos with best deals without sacrificing your precious vacation days.

Shop for the best deal

For air travel, make sure you compare the prices before you book the tickets. From metasearch sites like Kayak, to auction sites like Priceline, you have plenty of options to use for comparison. And for most travelers the time factor plays vital role than money. Use the adjacent airports or days feature to find the best travel times and fares.

Airport choice

Alternate airports always offer a better deal than the standard airports, which would undoubtedly be busy at peak season time. You can get better parking, transit to and from the airport, hotels etc. Rental cars are also readily available.

For families travelling with kids it is best to have their own car seat than depend on the rental company to provide one. You can easily get good quality and reliable car seats at sites like The Wise Mom in all price ranges and types, so you can avoid the hefty rentals you would have to pay for the seat while using the rental car.


If you are travelling by road, ensure your car is well maintained. Inspect the tires before you embark on the journey. It is best to map the route you want to use, so you can avoid busy traffic hours especially during holidays. Store the valuable items in the car trunk or in a well-covered storage space. And make sure you have contact information on road side assistance handy at all times, so you can get help in case of emergencies. Nowadays you get apps that can be used to get help without even making a call.

If you prepare well in advance, you can easily get rid of stress and celebrate the holiday season with friends and family no matter how busy the time of the year you are travelling in.