Turning small spaces into spacious retreats

Turning small spaces into spacious retreatsI was recently invited to my friend’s new home. He had just finished renovating his home, and was very proud of the work he had done. He said that doing the living room had been the most difficult part as his living room was very small. But seeing how he had managed to make it look big and comfortable, I think he had done a great job and said so.

He was pleased and told me about how the builder had helped him choose the right furniture and other things in his home. He mentioned some useful tips, which I think holds good for larger spaces too, if applied properly. For instance, larger furniture and darker colors can be used to make a small space look big. Here are some of the ideas he had stressed on.

Light and simple furniture

Selecting the furniture first is a good idea. Choose lighter shades and furniture with legs. The light color gives less height visually and legs give an unimpeded floor view making the room appear larger. When you pick accessories like coffee table and end tables in glass or metal, they occupy less space whereas dark wood furniture take up more visual space and shrink the room size considerably.

Go for lighter hues

Lighter shades blended with neutral colors look good in small spaces. The cool shades like green and blue give an appearance of a larger space. When you accent the lighter shades with dark or bright colors like adding a bright colored pillow or rug it would create a better impact. If you have hardwood floors, use lighter wood tones. My friend suggested using advance tools, as seen on FramingNailerReport, for faster, easy and efficient work on the floors. He had used a lighter floor and said that darker floors tend to shrink up the space.

Mirrors for larger space

Adding dark mirrors to make the space look bigger is a concept that is being used commonly now. Mirrors do make small spaces appear larger, but need to be done with care to get the right effect. They should be placed strategically, so they reflect light properly. They can either reflect light or light colored walls. When they reflect the wrong things, they can reduce the visual space considerably.

Vertical lines for more impact

The vertical axis of a room is an often-neglected aspect. When you add things in relation to vertical axis like large vases, floor lamps, draperies, vertical paintings, long mirrors, tables or stacked paintings, it will give a bigger impact.

Scaling furniture

Smaller scale furniture makes the room appear spacious. Choose small sectional sofas, armless chairs and apartment size furniture to get more space. A bench instead of the traditional coffee table would take up less space. However, while you are decorating ensure that you do not go overboard with the small sized furniture and end up making the place look cluttered.

For limited spaces, the best way is to use furniture with dual purpose. Using coffee tables with storage spaces or ottomans which double up as coffee table, or having bookshelves work as sofa table are some space saving ideas that work well in small spaces.