Tips on How to Become Smarter  

Tips on How to Become Smarter   No matter your current intelligence level, there is always room to enjoy the benefits of a sharper mind. Thankfully, there are several ways to increase your mental health and wit. In this article, we’ll take a look at the top five methods and rituals that will help you become a smarter person and, therefore, a better dancer too.

  1. Maintain Your Physical Health

Most people would believe that mental health and physical health are two entirely different things that are completely independent of one another, but the truth is – they are largely interconnected. To begin, your diet is crucial to maintaining you mental health. To function properly, your brain needs a large amount of fatty acids and omega3s. These can be found in fish and flaxseed oil. Getting enough oxygen is also crucial to a healthy brain, making exercise such as dancing can be a powerful way to become smarter.

  1. Meditation

Not just for Buddhist monks, the peaceful act of meditation can be a great way to improve your brain’s functioning. While meditation differs in definition from person to person, it almost always involves quiet, relaxed breathing that allows you to put your mind into a calm, tranquil state. Research has shown that spending prolonged amounts of time in this relaxed state improves focus, memory, attention span and all-round mental function.

  1. Sleep

Scientists used to believe that your brain shut down almost entirely during sleep, but this has now been shown to not to be truth. Even though your mind may not get a complete rest, sleep allows gathering and storing information that you learned during the day, transferring it from your short-term memory into your long-term memory.

Since sleep disorders have been shown to drastically decrease a person’s mental function, it only makes sense that a good night’s rest is crucial to maintaining your mental health. Doctors recommend six to eight hours of sleep for adults, so grab a pillow and snooze on.

  1. Give Your Brain a Workout

You’ve heard the old adage before: if you don’t use it you lose it. This applies to your mental capacity as well. Like your body, your brain needs exercise. You can give your mind a workout in a large variety of ways so feel free to get creative. Some of these mental exercises include reading a book, solving a puzzle, working math problems, and figuring out brain teasers such as a Rubik’s cube.

  1. Pick Up a New Hobby

Finding something that you enjoy doing can offer a wide range of benefits to your mental health, making you smarter than you were before. As mentioned, the physical exercise is great for your mind. Also, a new hobby such as dancing allows you to meet new people, immerses you in different aspects of culture, and teaches you to do things that your body and mind alike weren’t previously capable of. All said, picking up a new hobby is one of the most fun and powerful ways to make you smarter.