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Tips for those starting out in ice skating

Tips for those starting out in ice skatingSkating on ice is pure fun. The sheer enjoyment and fun increases further, when you dance on ice. Figure skating or ice skating dance is a great way to indulge in dance, if you are a dance hobbyist. I have always been fascinated by ice skating but only recently had the opportunity to try it out.

After some initial hiccups, I managed to skate fairly well. But as far as dancing with the skates, I’m yet to master it. If you know how to balance well on the skates and do ice skating reasonably well, you can try the dance moves. If you like to skate on ice but haven’t yet tried it, here are some very useful tips to help you out. These tips would help you get familiar with ice skating and do it confidently.

Avoid looking down

When you are skating on ice, it is natural to look at your feet than in front of you. This will not help in any way. You need to keep looking straight in front, so you don’t collide with anything or anyone before you.

Good gear

As in any other sport or hobby, the equipment you need should be of good quality. Especially in snow whether it is a pair of skis, snowboard or other related equipment you need to get quality gear. I purchase all my winter equipment at http://winterninja.com/.

If it is your first time on the ice, you can hire the skates, which are readily available at most skating centers. But in case you get an instant liking to skating and decide on pursuing it seriously, buying a nice sturdy pair of durable skates is very important. You need to see the proper fit of the skates, and on whether they support your ankles properly, before you purchase them.

Proper strapping

Even if you look at the fit and support, the skates will not be comfortable, if you don’t tie them in the right way. Ensure the skates are not too loose or too tight. Tight fit will make your feet go numb, while loose fit will not support the ankles properly.

rockefeller centerSkating lessons

If you want to move to the dancing level, you need to ace the basic moves first. For this, you need to take a few lessons. Most rinks have basic lessons taught for any age group. Learning with a friend makes it more relaxing and fun.

Avoid leaning backwards

When you skate don’t try leaning back, as this will make you lose balance and fall backwards. To balance well, you have to keep your knees in bent position and your weight should be forward. This can be done by holding your arms in front outwards and keeping them wide apart.

Right direction

When skating on ice you need to follow a particular direction. It should be either anticlockwise or clockwise. When you do it the wrong way, it can result in collision and you will either hurt yourself or others in the rink.

And even if you do fall, don’t get too uptight about it. Even the best experts can fall on ice. You can get back up and continue with the skating. After all skating is for fun and taking it seriously would make the entire exercise futile.