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Tips for Becoming Freestyle Dancing Master

Tips for Becoming Freestyle Dancing MasterFor many dancers, freestyle dancing is basically “The True form of Dancing.” This can be translated in the fact that as per his physical capabilities, the dancer loses himself in the played music, and lives the moment to the fullest. Although, it must be noted that many dancers consider freestyling as extremely difficult.

So, if you are a dancer who wants to give a try to freestyling, but don’t feel that he will do good, the first thing you need to do is change your attitude towards it. You need to understand that just like so many other things, freestyle dancing can also be learned through hard work and constant practice attempts. Furthermore, here are some great tips that will surely aid you.

Focus on Moving Around

This might seem as a simple advice, yet it is often something that most dancers forget. If you are about to start your practice, you need to note that at the beginning, all you need to do is to just move. You must also note that your unique ways of movement are something that will always make you special as compared to others. Therefore, if you want to assess what you can do best, it will be right for you to invest time in self-assessment. Throughout this, you will find out that the whole process is a lot easier than your expectations.

In the beginning, you can start by listening to some music of your choice. Here, all that you need to do is to just move as your desire. So indulge in the tunes that you hear and give full control to your body, but when doing so, it will be best if you don’t use a mirror. This is since whenever you will look into it, you may get into the worry that you should act in a specific way. At this stage, it is best if you are comfortable with yourself, no matter what you come up with. Once you feel comfortable then you should increase your movement. After some practice, whenever you will listen to a specific rhythm, you will automatically know how to move. But in order to reach that stage, you first need to emphasize on the “move” factor.

Make Good Use of Video Sharing Websites

If you feel you are comfortable with the exploration of your body’s natural movement pattern, now will be the right time to look for inspiration. This will aid you in expanding your overall “move” vocabulary. So feel free to utilize tools such as Youtube. Not only will you find plenty of videos that are relevant to your specific type of freestyle dance style, but also thousands of other videos featuring on new genres of music as well as other styles.

After you have made a collection of your selected videos, you should then study movement from them and try to imitate them as best as you can. But while doing so, you will again have to show patience as some moves may require you to commit hours of daily practice on a weekly note. You should also note that just by simply imitating the moves in these videos, it will not be good for you. Instead, it will be better if you take inspiration from them and then merge that style with yours. This will allow you to create something that is both unique and special. Also, as compared to anything else out there, these newly created moves will be much more suitable for you.

Fuel up your Creativity

For many, dancing is all about showing their moves to the world, but in reality, there are many more advantages of dancing as a hobby. For instance, via dancing, you can also be creative and showcase the world your imaginative prowess. On your behalf, if you want to be a better dancer and different from the rest, it is a must for you to fuel up your creativity as much as possible. For this, you should think beyond taking inspiration from dance videos and also look elsewhere. For example, you can watch cartoon shows or visit a museum and see the many unique and different body postures of various characters.

You will also find a lot of inspiration from the movement of animals, or other elements that are found in nature, such as water or air. Therefore, make sure that you do everything you can to increase your creativity since in the end, this will greatly serve your dancing purpose.

Enroll in Class

Once you are done exploring your movements and understanding your potential, you can opt for dance classes. Here, it will be best if you take classes that teach you basics in styles since this will increase your movement knowledge. Additionally, by taking classes, you will also come to terms with several different challenges that any dancer faces – for instance understanding choreography as well as adaption to varying styles of prominent movers. Via classes, you will also have access to an audience that will give you a more accurate reply of your performances.

Besides all of this, probably one of the best advantage of classes is that you will be able to take assistance from a mentor. This person will able to better guide you with several of your dancing issues that you may encounter throughout your learning. So query your teacher as much as you can and learn from his experience. You should also query the teacher on important topics such as disco dance freestyle, and so on.

Visit Jams

Once you are well satisfied with your progress, it is time to test your abilities. You should visit jams or set up sessions with your colleagues/friends. Via sessions, you will not only practice your movements but also share concepts with others. Here, you should always challenge yourself and grow further. Don’t be afraid of all the hard work, instead, you should learn to embrace it. Also, let others be a critique of your moves as this may allow you to improve your overall dance vocabulary.

So, these are some great tips that will surely allow you to become a great freestyle dancing master.