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Things Dancers Miss when They Stop Dancing

Things Dancers Miss when They Stop DancingBefore I get started, I want to be clear about something. Dancers aren’t the only ones who miss things when they stop doing what they normally do. Everyone can get used to a routine and whether you’re a dancer, a construction worker, a fisher or a farmer, the things you do can become so ingrained in your life that they leave a kind of void when you stop doing them.

It’s a little tragedy that many of us face at one point or another, usually thanks to growing older, becoming injured or losing interest in an activity. Now, about the things dancers miss when they stop dancing, specifically.

The first thing the majority of dancers miss is that dancing groove, that kind of fluid movement that goes along with being a trained and professional dancer who knows how to use their body to create the form and figure they want to display. This isn’t like riding a bike – you can kind of forget the right way to move, bend, twist, dip or spin once you haven’t done it in a while. And I don’t know anything a dancer would miss more than that degree of control over his or her own body which fades away with lack of regular dancing.

Like any group event where people struggle to accomplish a thing and help each other along the way, it’s possible to make friends with other dancers, while dancing. This strong, shared interest can be a solid foundation for building a friendship. For the dancers who quit while their friends keep going, dancing with best friends is surely a thing to miss, especially when they are picking up on new hobby trends and doing different dances than you remember. It kind of feels like being left behind in a sense, so I think this point certainly deserves a spot on this list.

Many dancers are avid fans of listening to instrumental music while they move their feet and their bodies along with them. While quitting dancing doesn’t stop you from listening to that music any more than quitting a job stops you from listening to the same songs you’re used to hearing on the radio, it does kind of destroy that connection between music and movement, or at least erode it. Those bonds can be so strong that you might find yourself subconsciously starting to move when a favorite old song comes on, just like some people can’t avoid singing a song when they know the words.

I’ve already covered three of the things dancers miss when they stop dancing, but I’d bet you lunch there are a handful of other things that would have fit into this list pretty well. Any dancers out there care to comment? Maybe you could tell us all about what it is you would miss the most, were you to quit the hobby you enjoy so much. You never know who might see your words and take a bit of inspiration from them, so do share if you have something to say.