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The ROBOT Dance in Action

The ROBOT Dance in ActionI already know what you are thinking: this is going to be a post that covers the choppy and mechanical dance known as the Robot. While that would be an extremely valid guess, it wouldn’t be completely true. Today, I’m going to talk a little bit about a recent trip I took, one that led to me being able to witness the incredible spectacle of a dancing robot. That’s right, and yes, it was every bit as entertaining and bizarre as it sounds.

The Robot and the Beat

Long before I ever got the inclination to even visit the art museum where, unbeknownst to me lived a dancing robot, I was on the phone with a friend of mine who was just getting off work from his job at a modern data center.

He was saying how we needed to go out and do something different for a change and I agreed. So, a couple weekends later, remembering this conversation, I called him back up and asked if he wanted to take a trip to this modern art museum I had heard about. He said ‘yeah’, and before I knew it we were getting out of the car outside the museum.

As not to overshadow all of the other amazing pieces of art that the museum had, I have to say that we were enjoying ourselves well before we ever came across the dancing robot. The rest of the artwork they had on display was splendid and much of it was equally fascinating.

Needless to say, however, when I saw a robot standing behind a glass enclosure and dancing away to a lively tune like it was at a party, I did a double-take. For one thing, the robot was staring right at me, which I have to admit was a little unnerving.

Later I learned that it had built-in facial recognition software and was programmed to watch people as they walked by. To describe the robot, it was made to look female (a good job of it I might add) with long blonde hair, a white dress, boots, and gloves, and a black masquerade mask.

The moves it displayed were surprisingly fluid, so much so that at first glance I had thought that it was a real person dancing behind the glass. Even the robot’s lips were made to sync to the music that was playing.

For the longest time, my friend and I just watched the robot in admiration. Talking with him later, he told me that his job at a modern data center had g iven him a deep appreciation for the amount of programming that went into creating a robot that had all of the capabilities as the one we saw. For me, I was awestruck merely by the implications of a dancing robot to the world of modern dance.

Will there ever be a day when robots stand in as our dance partners? Will we ever go to a show whose main dancers are robots? All of these questions floated through my mind as I stood and watched a sight that still lives in my memory—a robot breaking it down to the beat.