The changing trend in hobbies

The changing trend in hobbiesThe days of leisurely hobby pursuits have long gone past. Now we are more inclined towards blogging, tweeting or playing online games. In my neighborhood, I seldom see children out on the streets and it is the same with the adults too. Everyone has embraced technology so much that I fear that all the old-fashioned hobby habits would soon become extinct.

Can you imagine a knitting group now or someone collecting stamps? My aunt was lamenting about this change in people. I told her that the conventional hobbies have not died yet. Instead, they are just evolving. For instance, knitting has evolved into a newer yarn bombing form and leisurely sport hobbies like hunting have developed a great deal nowadays.

While times change definitely, hobbies too keep in line with the trends. When Americans decide on channeling their effort, time and money into some of the hobbies, these could turn into full-fledged and popular hobbies tomorrow. Here are some interesting hobbies that are increasing in popularity.

Crafts all the way

A study on craft projects revealed that nearly half of the households in the United States worked on a minimum of one craft project and the homemade product sales both selling and buying has been on the rise annually for the past few years. In fact, the craft staples like gums, tape and paint sales have been increasing phenomenally in the past few years. Some say this is because of the rise in unemployed people or it can be a step towards being connected to tradition.

Spying as a hobby

Back in 1960s, the anticommunist paranoia was a big rage and everyone was trying their hands at being spies with the spy kits readily available then. This has continued on today with the popularity of television series like Bones and CSI. Now consumers get to buy lead detection and home fingerprint kits easily as they had bought the spy kits!

Relevance of hobbies today

Hobbies are essentially a way to get in touch with reality albeit in a roundabout way. Science experiments and DIY projects are a few of the hobbies that have not lost their sheen. The science experiment sets have risen in popularity over the years and now users can do anything that they set their mind to right from a simple science experiment to building a small size greenhouse.

You get rockets, crafts, robots, food etc., are some of the things that rank high on the list of hobbyists. Most hobbyists crave for getting hands on experience of the connection between science and life. You can see many stores that cater exclusively to DIY projects and hobby ideas. These stores see increase in sales especially when holidays arrive.

Gender specific hobbies

It is a given thing that men go for the electronic and science based categories of hobbies, while women prefer knitting, sewing and crocheting. But this divide has reduced over the years with emergence of hobbies that both men and women prefer to take up. Crafting is now taken up by an equal number of men too, as they are do not see it as threatening anymore.

Many of the hot hobbies of today are traditional ones that have evolved into a new form thanks to the influence of technology. Sewing, for instance, has undergone a great change, which is more due to the necessity for the craft rather than its craft significance.