Teaching Kids Fishing

Teaching Kids FishingTeaching kids something new is certainly an exciting prospect. They are curious and interested in all new things and don’t hesitate to try out new things that they don’t know anything about. The fearless attitude they have and the readiness to adapt to new changes is what makes them endearing.

Adults are worriers and suspect each and every move, so they do not keep an open mind. Further they are influenced by what they have read or seen, or even experienced before. We had a local boating trip arranged for the kids in the neighborhood in which my nephew participated.

Since his parents could not accompany him due to some pressing work, I was elected as his companion on the trip. The trip which included boating and fishing was quite lively and entertaining and all of us including the kids had a great time. Here are some safety tips that should be followed, while taking kids on boating trips.

Get the kids involved

Kids like to be treated as adults and conferred with in big decisions. When you include them as much as you can by giving them minor responsibilities that they can handle, it will give them a sense of pride in being given the responsibility and they cooperate much better to your order this way.

Teach children fresh skills

When on water, you can teach them on how to keep the environment safe and tips on boating, fishing and also safety skills. You can find more about fishing, the tools and other accessories on this site. You can include fun filled activities and let them learn new things slowly without pressuring them. Casting a fishing line, or using a fish finder can be taught to them and the safe fishing tips can be passed on, which they will remember lifelong.

Plan family trips

When you get together as a family and go on these trips the memories will be cherished. A challenging and adventurous jaunt in the wilderness with nothing to disturb you and your family from spending some quality time can be truly motivating and enjoyable for adults and kids.

Fishing expertly

Use small hooks for kids as they cannot handle big ones easily. But do not use kid’s stuff. A light weight rod and reel combo is much better choice. There are also fish finders that you can use. Look for fish finder reviews here. The subtle art of catching fish should be taught to the kids. If a fish get caught and swallows the hook, the kid should be taught to cut the line close to the hook.

Instead of dangling the bait from the hook you can also teach them to suspend the bait and alert when the hooks are set with the help of a bobber or float. Big bobbers are more effective in this aspect. A sinker should be used to get the line deep down to the fish directly and create zero buoyancy. The bait should be live bait like bee moths, worms or crickets and not big blobs of worms.