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Piloxing and connection of dance and boxing

Piloxing and connection of dance and boxingDancing is a great way to exercise that is constantly advancing. It is a form of creative expression, always open to new ideas. Some forms of fitness are inextricably linked to music. In this way it was created aerobic, and with Latin rhythms it was invented Zumba. The movement is not only an integral part of the dance. Some martial arts include elegant movements that look like a dance, for example Capoeira. The movements of the legs in boxing require certain rhythm and coordinated movements with the arms. Boxing has become the latest trend in fitness. Combined with the dance moves and Pilates, boxing has evolved into Piloxing.

Viveca Jensen, a Swedish dancer, is the inventor of this new combination of sport and dance. The aim is strengthening of arms through boxing moves and strengthening other parts of the body through Pilates programs. Of course, all this is accompanied with an energetic and rhythmic music that made Piloxing more interesting and attractive. Although there are no kicks and direct fight with an opponent, a part of equipment for training are boxing gloves. Since Piloxing is designed primarily for women, it does not hurt that they are pink!

To perform the choreography, the boxing gloves are not necessary. It is enough to perform movements correctly. The incorrect performance of punches does not have the same effect as proper hand movements that engage literally all upper-body muscles. Therefore, it is best to train the correct movements on professional punching bags. In this way, it is easier to gain a sense how to hit with arms to engage specific muscles. It is the moment when pink gloves can be helpful. Hitting the punching bag with bare hands is impossible.

Dancing means that you have sense of rhythm. Someone has an inborn sense of rhythm, and somebody has to gain it. One of the obvious ways to get it is certainly listening to music and practicing rhythmic movements. Beside this, the sense of rhythm you can get with skipping the rope. If you want to jump correctly, you will need to learn to catch the rhythm.

Why you should try Piloxing? It’s one of the many fun ways created to keep you in form. The fact that is fun does not mean that it’s easy. These are very intense cardio exercises that will help you burn excess fat and shape your body. At the same time, you will not have huge muscles like when you go to the gym, but you will have a nice and elegant look. That is the main reason why is this type of recreation popular among women. Actually, this is equally good training for men.

Capoeira was created for practicing fighting under the guise of dance. The Piloxing is developed for practicing dance through the mask of fighting. It is a new combination of dance movements which shows how dance is involved in all the things we do and how it is an important segment of our lives.