Longboards – The Big Brothers of Skateboards

Longboards – The Big Brothers of SkateboardsI don’t just write about dancing; I’m quite the dancer as well, if I do say so myself. Dancing is all about bodily coordination, knowing how far you can push in one direction or pivot in another before you overexert or overextend and end up hurting yourself. That’s kind of the same principle behind a few other sports too, like bicycling, swimming and even longboarding. It’s not exactly what I usually talk about here, but recently a friend of mine bought a longboard and he’s been trying to get me to ride with him since then, so it’s a subject I’ve been reading much more about as of late.

Generally, longboards are just like skateboards, only longer. This is perhaps the most basic understanding of the boards, however. While they are longer and easier to handle than many shorter skateboards, their great length also opens up other activities which one could not enjoy with a standard skateboard. I’m talking about sports like luging, where one lies back and flat on top of a longboard and rockets down hills, streets or whatever else, sometimes at really amazing speeds. For a good idea of which longboard would be the best for this, I recommend checking right here.

Picking the right longboard can be a tricky proposition. You will want something strong enough to support your mass and durable enough that you can ride regularly without worrying about bearings going bad, wheels breaking down or other issues coming up. With all of the different brands and parts available on the market, you could spend weeks of your life researching, reading and trying to figure out which longboard would be the best for your buck. But who has the time for this? People have jobs, other hobbies, families and friends to keep up with, and more.

Fortunately, there’s a nifty website loaded with reviews, specs and other information about hundreds of different kinds of longboards, produced by many different manufacturers. I’m talking about Longboardingnation.Com, which is a website I’ve been frequenting lately myself while trying to find the right longboard for me. My friend insists that one is as good as the next, but come on; when is this ever the case? I don’t think there’s any product, good or service where one is just as good as the next, and I’ve told him as much. There are some good, some bad, some great and some terrible boards out there.

You can’t just take into the account the quality of a particular longboard when trying to make an informed purchase, either. You have to consider where you’re actually going to be using the board. Will you only ride at parks and other artificial places where you can expect flat and even ground under your wheels, or will you be riding along sidewalks, streets and other uneven terrain? I still haven’t been able to pin down a particular longboard I want yet, but I figure it won’t take much longer with all the reading I’ve been doing about them lately.