Impact of new lighting systems on dance

Impact of new lighting systems on danceThere was a time when lighting designers were nothing more than part of the backstage assistants. The situation is entirely different now. Even the most expert choreographers look to the lighting designers for their work. The lighting innovations used in dance on stage are certainly a significant part of the success of the performance.

Lighting has endless number of possibilities and power. It can turn even the most mediocre performance into an enjoyable one. Since dance is my favorite hobby, I have spent a lot of time trying to get more information on the lighting systems used in dance and their effect on the performance.

Certainly light is used innovatively in present day dance performances. Light is not just a way to make the performers visible. Now lighting has become a key part in making or breaking the performance. It has become a type of choreography, which cannot be ignored easily now.

Dance audiences have begun to see entirely new ways in which lighting can influence a performance. The invention of LEDs and other sophisticated lighting systems has surely brought about a big change in the use of light. Now you can even use the LEDs to grow plants.

If you attend dance performances frequently, you would understand the ways in which they have transformed the art form.  In fact, in some instances it is difficult to view the movements and light as separate entities. With the sophisticated lightings, it is possible to enclose glowing halos to the dancers or add pixelated coloring for more realistic portrayals of fantasy scenes that involve celestial spaces or those that feature fire, or smog. In fact, lighting is considered right from the beginning of the work instead of being added as a final addition.

Dance light duet

Dance and light are intermingled in a way that each affects the impact created by the other. A performance with light as an integral part can be dense and mysterious as well as form an airy and radiant performance.

New concepts are being tried consistently now to capitalize on the effect of lighting.  I would say that the true potential of light on dance is yet to be used fully.  Lighting improvements have brought about changes in several aspects of our life.

As I mentioned before, lights are used in growing plants more effectively. The revolutionary plasma light innovation such as the ones you find at are truly beneficial for growing plants indoors, when compared to other forms such as LEDs, fluorescent bulbs etc. There is more research underway on using lighting systems effectively not only in agricultural field but also in several other fields.

Changing times

It is well known that change is the only constant factor in our lives. Earlier everything in a performance involved paperwork, which has now changed over to computer records. In dance too, lights are used in a smart way. LED lights, for instance, help in blending color with video footage in an incredible way.

When compared to the traditional lighting systems, you can experiment a lot with the new lightnings present now. Light can be turned into a character in performances. You can make it organic and textured, so it can flow, dissolve or change into a different form.