How Strength Training Can Benefit You

How Strength Training Can Benefit YouThe title of this post is a little misleading. Everyone could benefit from some strength training, from the young to the old, male, female; everyone. However, the ways in which strength training can benefit you in particular will vary based on the reader.

For example, if you’re already rather strong, the benefits might not be so apparent, or you may need to try working a different part of your body to see visible results. My friend recently got into great shape by utilizing Crossfit training techniques which he described to me. He also told me about the ten ways he’s feeling better than ever thanks to that high intensity training.

  1. The first benefit was realizing what shape he was actually in. There’s no need to go all out right at the start, and that’s probably a bad idea anyhow if you don’t know your real fitness level.
  2. Not only did he get a better idea of his own fitness level, but he also came to realize how fat the average person is when compared to athletes. Fat does not equate to strength, but it becomes quite clear when instructors half your size are able to lift twice your limit.
  3. Like many exercise programs, there is a certain lingo in Crossfit training which will become apparent as the participant keeps up with their exercise. For instance, I had no idea that Crossfit gyms were called “Boxes” and not gyms at all.
  4. He quickly became quite the counter. There is a lot to count in Crossfit training, like stretches, lifts, situps, pullups, pushups, and the reps to go along with all of these exercises. It isn’t exactly higher math, but keeping track of these things is good exercise for the brain, too.
  5. In his experience, a lot of relatives and friends started warning him about various side effects of Crossfit training. It’s a high-demand workout and the more strenuous sessions could be dangerous to amateurs or those out of shape. But thanks to good quality equipment it’s not a problem for him. He has learned plenty about his body because of this.
  6. My friend used to think he had lasting power; you know, endurance, the ability to keep going when other people are too tired or sore. He quickly learned that he was only a little bit better off than most people. Crossfit training has many strength-building exercises and is a great way to get big quickly.
  7. That’s another thing. He didn’t expect to gain any weight when he started exercising – he thought he would lose weight by sweating and all that. Since muscle has a higher density than fat, at first, most people gain weight despite losing size with an exercise regimen.
  8. In addition to gauging his physical toughness, Crossfit training helped my friend to realize his level of mental toughness, and start improving that as well.
  9. He learned about where he’s strong, but he also learned about where he’s weak. Coming up with the willpower to get up and keep doing those reps when you’re halfway through a workout and already feeling tired is quite the conflict for some people.
  10. Last but certainly not least, a noticeable increase in energy levels and mood comes along with regular exercise. This isn’t exactly news to people who know already, but many of those who are out of shape don’t realize just how good they would feel if they started exercising regularly.