Giving Summer a Rousing Welcome

Giving Summer a Rousing WelcomeMemorial Day marks the beginning of summer. All pools become alive and vibrant, when schools close for summer. I’ve always looked forward to the summer vacation. During my school days I’ve been invited to so many pool parties that summer brings to mind the smashing parties I had great fun enjoying. Recently I attended a pool party one of my neighbors arranged for his kids and their friends. It brought back memories of the wonderful time I’d during my school days.

Pool parties are often liked by the hosts and guests, as there is not much preparation to be done, as with an indoor party. The portable or above ground pools are options that help, if you dont have a pool in your home. The open air atmosphere and general ambience brings cheer even to the most sober and sad person. And pool parties with kids are the most enjoyable though with the boisterous kids, parents do have a hard time containing them. But nevertheless it is a very good way to start the summer.

With kids you need to think up of some activities that’ll keep them from doing mischief. Since kids should be careful around pools, and you need to keep a constant eye on them always, planning a few games will keep them occupied and you’ll also find some enjoyment when you join in. Here are some pool party game ideas that‘ll make you get your party up and moving in no time.

Boot Race game: This will lighten up the mood instantly. All kids should get into the pool with each given a tiny plastic boat. The boat should be raced to the other end. This may sound easy. But here comes the funniest part- you’ve to blow it to the finish line without touching it- sounds like great fun, isn’t it!

Rope pull race: This involves going from one side of the pool to the other on an air mattress with the help of a rope tied above the pool. Each team member has to finish the move across and the team which finishes first wins.

Rubber Duck: This is like the boat race, where you move the rubber duck with your nose.

Watermelon relay: This can be played in teams or as individual. A watermelon should be pushed from one end to the other without touching the pool bottom with your feet.

Noodle joust- Two players should be selected to be in a raft where they fight with each other using pool noodles. The player first to get off the raft is the loser and the winner will have to fight with the next member.

As you can see there are many fun filled and hilarious game ideas, which can bring cheer to everyone. I had such a splendid time at the party that I wowed to host one soon. The above ground pool is a good idea, as it gives you flexible options- visit this site for more on above ground pool reviews– you can move them about wherever you want and also plan the party around them easily.