Getting into the dance music groove in America

Getting into the dance music groove in AmericaEDM has seen a phenomenal rise in American mainstream. There have always been club nights, festivals and raves that have provided unending motivation for dance music in the United States. I’ve often wondered on the places where EDM is truly cherished in the country. Recently I had set out on a motorcycle tour to some of the major cities with a few of my friends.

We had our protective helmets and other necessary gear ready before we embarked on our journey. It was quite exhilarating and enlightening too. We got to enjoy the scenic beauty of the landscapes and had our fill of some of the best dance music hotspots. Here are some of the top places that an EDM fan should not miss out on.

Las Vegas, Nevada

While White Isle of Ibiza has always been thought of as the destination for dance music, the rising popularity of Las Vegas makes it a strong contender for being the most favored EDM destination. In the past couple of years, the city has seen over 350,000 people annually at the Electronic Daisy Carnival and added to the fact  that the city boasts of 21 revenue churning nightclubs of the 100 top clubs in the country, it is no wonder it is the topmost destination now.

The popularity of Hakkasan, the newest club to be added to the city’s already burgeoning clubs, which has been reported to be paying nearly $200,000 for a night for residents like Calvin Harris and Tiesto, is also another influencing factor.

New York, New York

New York with its boroughs is always packed with great events round the year. Output, Cielo, Pacha and Marquee to name a few venues have an amazing event schedule. And The Wall, which is now called as Webster Hall and Slake, features top notch events on weekly basis. Additionally you also get Reconstrvct and Dark Disko, which are recurring parties, some warehouse events and corporate events too. The numerous dazzling DJs with their funky style and the jazzy clubs make the city an amazing place to frequent just to see the level of talent they have.

Miami, Florida

Miami has been the revered place for all dance music fans. The Winter Music conference in March is a much sought after destination for dance music performers, producers and DJs since 1980s. In addition to the March festival, the city also has several super clubs including Mansion, LIV, Cameo and several others making it one of the leading dance music spots in the country.

Los Angeles, California

The fact that great creative minds like Mad Decent, Dim Mak, Insomniac and Hard have their base here and the city housing some of the big names in talent agencies including ICM, WME, AM Only, CAA etc. shows the extent of popularity the city beckons. Whether it is collaboration or live music or offering opportunity to established as well as budding artists the city is beyond par.  The nightclub scene is replete with Control Fridays of The Avalon and Lure’s Private Label Nights. This is certainly one of the best places to immerse in visceral and beautiful music.

Washington, D.C.

The capital city boasts of its own share of stylish hangouts for dance music fans with many big players and the upcoming moombahton as well as electro. The Trillectro Festival is a great place to enjoy local and international talents.