Gearing Up For a Summer Party

Gearing Up For a Summer PartyWhen summer starts showing its sunny streak, the holiday mood sets in and I dream of barbecue parties and pool parties. As a kid I’d quite a great time with my friends and family during the holidays. We had a big outdoor pool and my dad is crazy about barbecue grills, so we would end up on the yard during summer weekends having a good splash in the pool and enjoying the delicious hamburgers and roast beef my father dished out, all piping hot.

Nowadays I don’t find the time to spend out at the pool or make a barbecue pit as my dad did. There are new BBQ smoker devices that however make it easy for setting up a barbecue. And there are many other tips that I’ve come by during my years away from home, which make it easy to organize a BBQ party without too much fuss or cost. Here are some useful tips.

If you use a BBQ grill, you need to first take it out of storage. Check for any tears or cracks by covering the hose in soapy water and turning on the gas without lighting it. If bubbles are seen then there are cracks or some sort of damage, and you should replace these hoses before using the BBQ.

Next you need to look at the fitting and screws to check if it is sturdy. The joints or legs should be checked for any tear, as they may cause injury or damage.

The grill needs to be cleaned with soapy water preferably warm water. This will help in removing the tough grease and stains that are stuck on the grill.  You should also wash the inside of the BBQ to get rid of the grease that is stuck on the drum. After the cleaning is over you should let it dry completely.

You can add the grills and coals after the drying is complete. Now the pit is ready for cooking. You can now put back the wood chips, briquettes or lava rocks, or better still replace them for better effect. Since all the grease and fat from the food you cook spills on these, you need to replace them. Since it takes up much time to clean and maintain, I go for the smoker BBQ sets which are far easier to use and as effective.

Before using the BBQ, you need to clean it of dust, bugs or dirt that adheres to the insides. This can get into the food you eat. One way to prevent grease or grime from building up is to use vegetable oil or some grease on the grill, so the cooking ingredients do not stick to it.

If you use the BBQ with the dirt sticking to the insides and the grill, the burning of the adhering particles will affect the taste of the food. So you need to clean the food after using it every time. When you’ve used the BBQ, you need to brush off the food from the grill, put on the lid and increase the heat to loosen up the dirt and grease. Though a BBQ is great to have, you need to maintain it properly. A BBQ smoker is much better and for reviews on the smoker visit this site.