Enjoying Your Camping Without an Extra Baggage

Enjoying Your Camping Without an Extra BaggageCamping is something that I enjoy very much. I like mostly all aspects of camping, except perhaps the packing and carrying around my gear. I detest doing this and try to cut down my list of essentials as much as I can. Recently I did a four day camping and my whole outfit weighed just 35 pounds.  I’ve heard of campers who have even less weight. This is a skill that does not come that easily to many. But when you master it you can feel a big change in your camping experience. Since you need to carry the gear around on your back always, you’ll get tired and cranky soon with too much weight and it can spoil the whole trip.

Here are some secret tips that’ll help you carry light and enjoy your trip like you should.

  • Modern tents are just three pounds or so. Since fabrics have developed in great leaps now, you get light weight, durable and easy to manage tent fabrics that also do not take up much space in your backpack.
  • Dehydrated food is the right choice provided your trail has plenty of fresh water to use. The food sachets reduce weight considerably. Zip lock bags help to mix or knead foods, when required.
  • For the flashlight use LED head lights that have lithium batteries. This will be more reliable and efficient than the incandescent bulbs that have become almost obsolete now.
  • A pocket knife comes in handy always and should not be missed.
  • You need to outfit yourself according to the terrain you are camping out in. I prefer using my motorcycle to go to the spot, and then walk my way through. For that reason, good boots is must and takes off the stress from the walking easily. I recommend nice boots from this site: they’re both good for riding and walking.
  • Use the modern sleeping mats which are lighter and also comfortable to use.
  • All gear for the camping trip should be brought with the weight in mind. As the lighter and durable the gear the easier it will be for you. Even if the gear does cost more, it will save you much trouble while you’re camping. It’ll also be a good investment and save you in the long term, if you’re a regular camper.
  • While packing the things, make sure you keep them in the same place, so you need not search for them when you need them urgently. Flashlights for one should be kept handy, so you can use them easily. Stowing things should be done systematically, so you know where everything is without having to turn the place upside down.
  • Duct tape is a very useful thing to have when you go camping. You can use it to mend poles, patch tents or torn shoes, hold poles for putting up mosquito nets, hold up your schedules etc.

Backpacking and hiking are great ways to spend your free time. You get to bond with nature, have some fresh air and rejuvenate your mind and body. It is also one of the cheapest ways to spend your vacation. For the camping gear, and other essentials you can check online where there are numerous ranges available suitable for all budgets. You can read the reviews online and get the right gear for your trip without spending much.