Easy Essential Electronics

Easy Essential ElectronicsThere are people who will say we’re all too dependent on the machines and devices which make our lives easier and more enjoyable. On the other side, you have people claiming we grow closer to humanity’s real potential with every technological step forward which we take. This is a debate I don’t really want any part of. But it’s also something I can’t help but read about when I see big leaps forward in technology, like when that Hadron Collider was going to be fired a couple years back and people were saying it would tear open a black hole and destroy the universe.

Now, the technology and electronics I have in mind aren’t anywhere nearly as dangerous as that. They are, for the most part, just simple, easy, essential electronics that are made even easier thanks to new manufacturing methods and technology. For instance, remote starters for vehicles are easy to use and practically essential in cold climates, where the difference between going to work and staying home might be stepping into a warm car versus one so cold it feels like a grave. Those remotes rely on wireless technology, which while not necessarily new, is still being improved and used for new purposes today.

Another great electronic device which is pretty much essential these days is the doorbell. If you live above or below the level where your main entrance door is, this could be the only way for you to realize you even have visitors since the sound of their knocking may not carry through your home and find your ears. A quality bell will always do the trick though. Wireless doorbells are even easier since you don’t need to run any new wires to install them – they are plug and play devices essentially, running on batteries. You can read more about those at Doorbell Base.

While not all people use remote starters or rely on bells to sound when visitors appear at their homes, practically everyone regularly uses or at least has access to a television. Televisions, as well as more mobile devices which can stream TV programming and view those streaming sites online, well, these really are essential electronics in this day and age. When information moves at the speed of light, people need to have constant access to the various news sources and outlets they trust to report on that information. It would be impossible for the first world to function like it does without TVs.

These are three electronic devices which are more or less essential to life as we know it today. Yes, we could probably get by without one or two of them, but think of what would happen without all three. People would brave cold winters to sit in cars and warm them up for a while before driving. They would miss deliveries for not hearing the parcel man knocking, and miss crucial news and reports, or be the last to hear about them as a best case scenario. Many of us need these things to live – fortunately they’re all easy to use.