DIY Photography Accessories Using Household Items

Photography is an amazing endeavor, but hardly financially rewarding. Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer, you will need to invest in expensive equipment without the assurance of recovering its cost. Most beginners will find that even the basic photography lighting equipment to be very costly. As a result, many choose to drop their interest in photography.

Rather than abandoning your interest in this creative pursuit, why not make your own basic equipment using household items?

The truth is that there are many items commonly available at home that can be turned into photography accessories, particularly lighting equipment. If you are a newbie, you may not actually need to buy expensive, professional-grade accessories.

Below are some common household items that can be turned into lighting equipment.


A broken umbrella can be turned into a reflective umbrella. To make one, you simply have to saw off part of the handle, tape plain printer paper to its inside, and secure the handle into a tripod or post. Install dimmable warm light. Voila, you have a DIY reflective umbrella for better lighting.


If you need to take a close-up shot, make sure you have a homemade lightbox. It’s actually easy to make. You can use either a clear storage bin or a cardboard box. Inside the box place poster board or white paper, then lighting on one side. You can use fluorescent lamp or a clip-on light. Place your subject in the middle of the box, turn the light on, and you’re set.

Household lamps

To illuminate indoor subjects, you only need several household lamps. Gooseneck or table lamps are great because they can be easily manipulated to shine light where you want exactly. When using artificial lights, make sure you adjust the white balance settings to get that natural, crisp shot.

Light diffuser

It’s easy to make a DIY light diffuser. You can use frosted shower curtain or wax paper to achieve that all-around lighting. Install a light bulb in a hollow frame and wrap it with either of these two items. It should give off the best lighting effect for your shots.

Small mirror

When photographing small subject, mirrors can be used to focus or reflect natural light. Although walls and white sheet also reflect light, they only spread light out. Unlike these surfaces, mirrors can be used to create small pools light that can be directed onto the subject. A mirror is perfect for creating sunbeam effect.

Car light bar

Commonly used in off-road trucks, LED light bars reviewed at LightBarReport.com can also be used in photography. Light bars are great since they can be easily focused towards the subject. You just have to be playful with your camera’s setting to achieve the effect that you intend.

Ring flash

A ring flash provides amazing illumination. But you don’t really need to invest on the pricier ones, it’s completely doable. With just a cardboard, wax paper, plastic food bowl, disposable cup, and lots of foil, you can make your own ring flash.

Who said photography is costly? With these DIY photography equipment, you can shoot spectacular images without breaking the bank.