Dancing with Dummies

Dancing with Dummies

Dancing with DummiesNo, you didn’t misread the title to my little piece here. This isn’t an informative piece on how to move your feet. Today I want to talk about dancing with dummies – and I mean this in the most literal sense possible. Grappling dummies, such as these, are perfect for people practicing the martial arts. They’re about the size of a person, typically the weight of an average adult male if not a bit lighter, and made to take a beating. All of these qualities which make them good for combat drills also make them good for dancers everywhere who want to practice their moves too.

You’re not looking to beat up the dummies like you would be if you were practicing martial arts moves, but that’s not the point anyhow. Because they’re so durable, they can stand up to you tripping or falling over them, or stepping on them, or kicking them while you practice dancing. Well, I’m getting ahead of myself. It’s probably not a good idea to assume all combat dummies are really durable, exactly. I’m sure there are better and worse brands out there, just like for every other product, good or service you can imagine. Shop around, just like anything else.

You could practice any type of dance too – you aren’t limited to a waltz or minuet or other specific type of dance. Classical dances and more modern contemporary stuff are also possible, though I don’t know how much practice you really need to bump and grind like people do at clubs these days. You might not think it from a glance, but dancing is actually a highly demanding activity for your body. You will find out very quickly if you’re fit enough to hit the floor, or if you need to spend some more time practicing or thinning out before you try to make your debut.

I know what some of you are probably thinking – because you won’t be carrying your partner throughout your dance, training while carrying a dummy like this is excessive. However, while you won’t necessarily be carrying your partner through a dance, having the ability to do it will save you in those times when your partner is less skilled or dedicated than you. Also, nobody ever complained about being too strong or having too much endurance, did they? Since it’s a desirable thing anyhow, don’t go out of your way to find reasons not to have it!

These combat training dummies are useful for several other applications too. Similar to dancing, you could use them to practice moving around other people in other situations, like while playing sports, or trying to squeeze into a space, or anything else. The point is, if you’re looking for some way to practice your dance moves and you don’t want to embarrass yourself by dancing poorly in front of other people, then you can probably get most of if not everything you’re looking for from a combat dummy instead. You can even kick them around a little when you’re done if things don’t go so well.