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Dancing With a Musical Instrument; a Worker’s Story

violin-1061240_960_720Around this time of year one is reminded of office parties and sometimes large banquets held on factory floors before their doors are shut tight for the next few weeks. There is lots of food to eat, plenty to drink and workers are all quite excited because their hard year is drawing to a close and they are about to say good-bye to their colleagues or fellow-workers until they meet again the following year. Those who diligently volunteered to stay behind to man the phones and hold the fort will also be relieved because the work environment is quiet.

Musical instruments and their fond memories

Workers put on their best outfits to attend this one last shebang. Sometimes the parties are held in the evening and they bring their wives, girlfriends, husbands or boyfriends to join in the festivities. Other times, a great barbecue is held over the weekend and workers bring their families to enjoy the seasonal feast. This might be a good time to suggest a miniature electric violin for one of your children to learn to play on as an ideal Christmas gift. This is provided your child loves music as much as you do, of course.

Perhaps you noticed this as she readily joined you on the dance floor for another turn. That being said, there is nothing better than having a live band add to the atmosphere of the annual Christmas ball. Purse strings tightened, most small companies merely set up a hi-fi and play an assortment of tracks that workers might be interested in jiving to. But the live event with dozens of couples moving in sync with the band’s melodies always leaves the reveler with fond memories to take home with him.

The dust should never settle

By the time the dust has settled and everyone has gone home to see to their Christmas preparations, everything is dark and quiet and one or two lonely cleaners are left to clean up the excess. But for them it is not all doom and gloom because they too have something to look forward to. Most people, no matter what their cultural background or walk of life, attach themselves to this festive time of year.

And websites like Themusicalstrings leave readers with reminders that music and their instruments have been around men and women for centuries as a necessary accompaniment to their cultural and festive celebrations which almost always included long bouts of dancing. If you are one of the very few folks who have never ever been to an end-of-year party, you may still have impressions of the lively atmosphere created by musical instruments from TV shows or popular dance musicals.

Music, dancing and the instruments that encourage it bring people together and almost always inspire people to lift themselves out of daily strife. I have one lasting impression to leave you with today. An old man is sitting at his piano tinkling his family’s favorite carol while they joyfully gather around closely together and sing the song. Have a happy holiday.