Dancing as a mating and hunting ritual

Many of you are still on holiday. Some of you may not be in great shape right now and need to rest. Those of you who are still going out to dance and jive, I’ll be quite happy to hear your thoughts on your latest excursion. Why don’t you share some of your thoughts with the rest of the readers here? Those who are tired and have stiff legs and arms, sit back and relax and enjoy the rest of this post. I’m sharing some recent thoughts I had during one of my quiet moments on dancing, not just a mating ritual, but as a hunting ritual as well.

Dancing and hunting as a spiritual ritual

Many of you already know that dancing is a ritualistic form of expressing ourselves creatively and out of sheer enjoyment for life. Some of you may be surprised to learn that for thousands of years, dancing was part of the ritual of hunting. Now, why would this be so surprising? For one thing, this ritual, with some rare exceptions, is not normally practiced among men today who are still traditionally the hunters. But during ancient times in most parts of the world, the hunting ritual was a spiritual affair.

To prepare themselves mentally for the expedition ahead, our forefathers’ spiritual leaders would lead them through a ritualistic dance to the point that they would all enter into a trance. That way, they all had a more than even chance of finding prey which would see to their communities’ culinary needs for weeks to come. I have mentioned before that I enjoy being outdoors. One of these days, I will be trying out the hunting experience myself. It will never be the same as it was then, but one thing I will be doing is getting myself quite a good crossbow instead of relying on traditional hunting rifles.

Making love, not war

Recalling one of my favorite Michael Jackson slow numbers, I have to say for the record that I’m a nature lover too. I’d love to preserve things, just as they were then, as far as it is humanly possible to do now. Now, let’s talk a little about the more popular ritual, mating and how dancing fits into this scheme of things. There’s a phrase in that Jackson song that I’m particularly fond of. It goes something like this; I’m a lover, not a fighter. So there you have it. My secret is out.

Anyway, since the beginning of time, dancing has always been used expressively as a form of attracting the attention of the opposite sex. The more conservative among you may also find it incredulous that during these rituals it was mostly the men that were making the overtures.

Proud as peacocks, the more determined dancers won their prize. Shy as some of you may be, make a note in your diary to go out dancing for the next few weeks to get yourselves tuned-up for Valentine’s Day during February, the month of love.