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Choosing Dancing Shoes – a Guide for Women

Choosing Dancing ShoesThere are many great reasons to take up the amazing art of dancing. Even if you think that you are really bad at it, you can still have fun and exercise in a great environment with amazing music. Dancing as an activity has become so popular that, in most cities and neighbourhoods, you can find a huge variety of dancing classes – from step to zumba.

One of the most important things to bear in mind when you want to start dancing is your choice of shoes. While extremely comfortable, stand-all-day shoes like those here are great for your job or everyday activities, you are going to need to carefully pick out a pair of shoes especially for dancing. And here is a short guide on how to do it!

What you need to determine first is what style of dancing you are going to do. Each dance has its own type of movement, and each has special shoes for it – you cannot tap dance in ballet slippers. Here are the main types of dancing shoes for women.

Ballet Slippers

Ballet slippers are used specifically for ballet. They are made from supple leather, but those used for practicing can also be made from canvas. They have no heel and contour the foot to give it maximum flexibility. They quickly become worn-out, so they are generally not expensive.

Tap Dancing Shoes       

These are used for tap dancing and come in various styles. Some have low wide heels and laces, while others have a higher heel. The choice between them is up to you and your preference, but you would be wise to consult with your dancing instructor before making a purchase.

Ballroom Dancing Shoes

These are used for all the dances in the ballroom category, along with some other Latin dances. They are light and supple, with various heel heights, and they can be both open-toed and closed. With this type of shoes, it is extremely important that the shoe fits properly.

Make sure you select the right height of the heel for you and your needs. If you’re not sure what to pick, either ask your dancing instructor for some advice, or try on a couple of pairs in our dancing school and see which pair feels most natural and stable for you. The height and comfort of the heel immensely affects the performance of the dancer. Some people went as far as to almost give up dancing, believing that they are extremely untalented, when the only problem was their heel height.

Dance Sneakers

These are the newest edition to the dancing shoes family. They are used for hip-hop dancing, jazz, and modern performances. Although dancing sneakers are most easily replaced by shoes such as a pair of good shoes for nurses, this only works for a time, and you should still keep in mind that it is better to buy specialized dancing sneakers if you are going to be involved with dancing for a longer period.