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Build Your Own Dance Floor

dancing-893206_1920Build your own dance floor, why don’t you? Think about it, nothing’s impossible if you have the passion for seeing something through to the end, like this great idea, for instance. Right now, this idea is growing on me. Soon it will be a full-fledged project, just as soon as I’ve spoken to the right guys, drawn up my plans and put together a check-list of all the materials and tools I’ll be needing. Down at the dance studio, the surface is all wood.

Creating the dance floor ambience

There’s also a small, elevated platform that the instructors use to bark out their instructions. You know some of these guys and girls are so small and lithe, they need to be seen to be heard. Usually, they are wearing a portable headset with a small, light-weight mike that curves nicely around their chins so they don’t have to raise their voices too much to their students. And no dance floor is complete without a fully-equipped surround sound system with portable speakers in every corner of the room.

Can you see how quickly a novel idea comes together? It’s also about being creative, much like during dancing, and using your imagination to the max. The dance studio is also surrounded with gleaming mirrors which allows everyone to check their body positions and dance steps clearly so they know how and when to move this way or that. Lastly, there’s a small corner with a water cooler for those well-deserved breaks. Dancing is hard work, even when you’re having fun. Now, where to set up this imaginary dance floor?

A dance floor you can pack away

It doesn’t need to be a large one. You’re never going to be able to match the studio’s boards or the large, open spaces of your favorite club. This is where we need to be both realistic and practical with our ideas. Still, it’s not impossible. Your garage space is probably going to be the best area to set the boards up at home. What I have in mind is to build a portable unit which can be folded up and stored away when the session is over.

A compact, multifunctional wood router ought to do the trick nicely for cutting those straight lines along the divider where I’m going to place my copper hinges. The router will also be handy for building a boxed platform on which the boards will be mounted. You’ll get the impression that you’re on a real dance floor when you feel those slight vibrations across the wood as your feet shift and lift to the music. A crazy idea? I think not. Think about it, this portable dance floor could even be used outside when you have friends over for another barbecue.

All great ideas have to start somewhere. And if you are passionate about it there is no reason why it cannot become reality.