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Bouncing Around

Many, many years ago I used to holiday with my family every summer at our little shack in the Wynndean holiday resort near the seaside. The name of the place was Ocean Grove, a name, by the way, that left you in no doubt as to where you were. It was a lovely place to spend 6 – 7 weeks of your summer holiday. The beach was just a 200-metre walk on little tracks through melaleuca trees and typical sand dune vegetation.

Bouncing Around

Ocean Grove beach was an enormous beach with a big tide that left acres of beach sand exposed at low tide and as far as the eye could see, both left and right. Barwon Heads to the right and Point Lonsdale to the left. I started my surfing life here at age 13 and it became a big part of my life for the next 6 years.

At the end of the resort, just before entering the beach, there was a trampoline centre with about 6 trampolines, big ones, that had been set up at ground level. That is, they had dug holes and placed the trampolines over them so when you bounced the mat would bend to below ground level. Also, when you fell off or was catapulted off after a bad landing, you didn’t have as far to fall. That didn’t mean there were no injuries, but the place was pretty well supervised even way back then, so there were no serious injuries.

I became fascinated with trampolining and it cost me all my pocket money to book time on them. As I was there nearly every day for at least 2 hours and longer if the weather and waves were ordinary, I got to know the owner operator pretty well and after a couple of weeks, he let me look after the paying customers and supervise the smaller kids. This was a real bonus because on some days there were no or very few clients and I could practise my somersaults, turntables, backdrops and twists to my heart’s content. I never had the nerve to do baranis but I eventually perfected the cannonball, which is a backwards rolling somersault. Awesome I was! Even more awesome was that I was bouncing around on trampolines for free!

Fast-forward to 40 years later and I am purchasing a trampoline for my grandaughter as she is also learning ballet and they say the trampoline is good for strengthening the ankles. Not a professional trampoline like the one I was telling you about and that I used in Ocean Grove, but one of those mini indoor types I found here: http://jumpsportland.com/best-mini-basketball-outdoor-indoor-trampolines-for-kids/ The one I am looking at has a handle so there’s less chance of her falling off. Well, that’s her birthday present done. She won’t be able to practice pirouettes and standing on her toes but it will probably be good for balance and some aerobic work and that all helps with her dancing.