5 Unusual Dancewear Care Tips

5 Unusual Dancewear Care Tips

Dancing is a great activity that provides you with an excellent workout. However, it makes you sweat quite a bit and considering the cost of dancewear, you will need to be careful when cleaning it if you don’t want to spend a fortune on this form of exercise clothing. Caring for professional dancing costumes is even harder as they are usually covered with decorations that don’t take to water well.

There are many methods and tricks professional dancers use to care for their clothes and footwear. Some of them might seem a bit strange, but you definitely should try them in order to develop your personal dancewear care routine that will allow you to make these clothes last as long as possible.

Here are a few tips that few people know:

  1. Install a water softener.
    Of course, the products you use for washing your dancewear are important, but so is the quality of water. The vast majority of people forget about this and are surprised when the special “gentle” products ruin their clothes. Click here to learn more about water softeners and pick the right one for your home. Note that installing this simple device will help protect your clothing as well as improve your general health and the condition of your skin.
  2. Soak leotards in oxygen-based bleach.
    Leotards are made of high-performance materials that mostly consist of synthetic fibers. Therefore, they require special care in order to keep their form. The pros of these materials are their durability and flexibility. However, there is a major con to them. They soak up odors and removing them will be extremely difficult due to the fabric’s washing requirements. The best way to remove sweat stains and smell from a leotard is soaking it overnight in a mild mix of oxy-gen-based bleach and water. Follow the instructions on the label of the product.
  3. Wash ballet shoes in the washer.
    Canvas dancing shoes, like the ones for ballet, can be washed in a washing machine. However, you will need to use the settings for delicate fabrics. Don’t ever put these shoes in a dryer as they must be air dried carefully to prevent damaging the shape of the shoe.
    For other types of dance shoes, follow the general care instructions for the material (suede, leather). Don’t forget to cover patent shoes with a polish or silicone oil every time to prevent cracks.
  4. Remove decorations from professional dance costumes.
    Washing feathers, coins, and other types of decorations that adorn professional dancing costumes is not an option. Therefore, they must be removed before washing. Yes, sometimes you will need to carefully cut them down and re-sew them back on.
  5. Wash tutus in a bathtub.
    Washing a tutu is a challenge because it can be crushed easily. To prevent this, fill a bathtub with lukewarm water and ass some mild detergent. Swish the tutu through the water and rinse it with a shower. Shake to remove excess water and hang to air dry carefully. Note that metal parts of a tutu might rust and glued-on beads and decorations can fall off during wa