5 Key Features Required For Disco Dance Freestyle

5 Key Features Required For Disco Dance FreestyleOne of my favorite dance styles is disco dance freestyle. When I discovered this style of dance for the first time, I was left literally speechless. Everything fascinated me – rhythm, energy, movements and amazing costumes. Immediately it was clear that behind this dance is a lot of hard work and training. To be a good dancer in this category, you need a great love for this dance. This is the best recipe for good results. In addition, it is important to have and develop the following characteristics:

  1. Stamina and fitness. Disco dance freestyle is a very quick dance that involves a lot of jumping, rolling over, turns, strong arm and leg movements. This crazy pace lasts from the beginning to the end of the choreography, does not decrease, and it is clear that it requires great stamina and really strong form. To achieve this level of fitness is necessary to do strength and conditioning programs, in addition to practicing dance moves. You can do this at the gym, or at your home if you get right power racks.
  2. Strength. To perform many movements, high jumps, acrobatic tricks you need a great strength. It’s hard to make a good jump from the ground if you do not have strong and well-developed muscles in the legs. For best results, it is necessary to develop all your muscles. Weightlifting can help you in achieving that goal. Maybe you do not have enough space to make the dance floor in the house, but you can find a free corner for a home gym. Everything you need to know about the gym at home and power racks, you can find on this website: http://garagegymlife.com/best-power-rack-reviews/
  1. The tendency to make acrobatic tricks and great flexibility. What makes this dance so special is not its gracefulness. It is a combination of enormous energy and acrobatics. Actually, I think that disco dance freestyle is a serious sport and gymnastics combined with the fast pace. The rules of the competition in this category imply that dance choreography has at least three acrobatic steps. They are combined with dance steps from classical dance, jazz dance, rock and roll and modern dances.
  2. Speed and an excellent sense of rhythm. The pace of disco dance music is very fast, and a good disco dancer must follow the rhythm with his movements. This includes various fast and alternately movements with arms, legs, and head. The sense of rhythm and synchronization are especially important when it comes to performance in a pair or in groups.
  3. A good choreography. To leave a good impression, you need to have a good performance. In addition to the costumes, which shines and attracts attention, it is important to combine the movements, steps, and acrobatic tricks into a unique and memorable choreography with a fast pace.

Disco dancer who can boast with a bunch of trophies surely has a great fitness and persistence. I am also sure that he knows how to make a good show.