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3 Dance Lessons for Martial Arts

3 Dance Lessons for Martial ArtsThis is dance hobbyist Ashton here and today, I would like to teach you three dance lessons that will benefit you in the long-run for martial arts. I love to dance ever since I was a little kid. Fully aware of the fact that not everyone is as passionate as I am when it comes to dancing, I realized that I can apply dancing to different topics, martial arts being one of them. Martial arts is a very physical sport and art, so it is best to train in all aspects to make sure focus, flexibility, and the ability to hold up while going against opponents is 100%. So, let’s begin!

Well, okay, before you begin. You must practice standing and walking with confidence. You want to reflect how you see yourself and that is with high self-esteem. You have to appear dominant and show how you are unafraid of anything daunting. Concentrate on that and practice for as long as you need to until you get it done. The three different lessons you will learn next are: balance, perfection, and self-expression. Start out with balance.

Balance is important for dancing. The same applies for any form of defense. Learn about the principles of balance and it teaches you to create a relationship between the body and the ground. Balance controls the ability to move around on the ground and helps with quickness, precision, and strength. More power is always good. Dancers need balance to move around by themselves as well as their dancing partners. Improving a fighter’s body–and I do not care whether it is boxing or judo–is essential to engender more power and agility. Remember a few things before and during your practice. Balance is not a position, it is action. Balance equals action. In order to have balance, you must apply your muscles of balance. For balance improvement, increase balance awareness and develop your muscles and techniques.

You won’t learn the meaning of perfecting until you learn how to dance. Use a hard punching bag to work on a perfect jab with either fist. Perfect it well enough to be good with your right hand and work on other moves. Be the owner of that jab or that left hook, for example. Dancers practice a certain move or moves thousands of times just to make sure it is better, that it is perfect enough for them. Many fighters could learn from dancers by perfecting their movements and fighting technique.

Express yourself with your fighting. Self-expression is important in dancing; dancing is an art to express yourself to everyone else. Martial arts is the same thing. Consider using genuine boxing gloves for fighting for that case, see nice examples. You want your own uniqueness brought to the table. You have to ask yourself , “What can I bring that will make me stand out amongst the rest of the martial artists?” Avoid being a copycat and be your own fighter. Be inspired by others, but never become them through their ways of fighting. There is more than one answer unlike an algebraic equation.